FREE Project Instructions

Weaving Projects 

Looking for the perfect gift? Or tired of the patterns you have in your collection? Check out these FREE patterns offered by Hazel Rose Looms. Click on the images for the pattern.

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bunny check CowgirlTN croppedTop DiamondStarTN funfur heart1 heart2 jacob nativityTN pinetree Shrugpicsm slipper thanksTN TriStarTN WovenTylerTN xmassockTN

Knitting Projects 

AG MittensTN FancyPantsTN funfurhatS leotardTN MargaretDress TylerTN YellowTylerTN plaidTN Angels Candles Corn Pumpkins Mittens Snowman-Bell-Deer Elf TN Diamond Heart_TN bunny_T